Chick Time

Make your science project more fun this year!

Nothing is more exciting than putting eggs in an incubator - candling them, turning them daily, then watching the baby chicks peck their way into the world!

Hatching is done all year long!

Call us today to rent or buy your incubator and supplies.  We have fertile duck and chicken eggs for hatching.  More details below. 


Books and Posters also available!


GQF - Genius by Hova-bator

Item #1602N

Just plug it in and it's ready to start!

Circulated turbo fan included and no adjusting of the thermostat is required. There is a large window to view and it holds 42 eggs.  Available for purchase only. 

GQF - Still Air Picture Window

Item #1582

The top has a clear plastic window for the best viewing of the incubating and hatching process.  It holds 42 chicken eggs or 120 quail eggs.  You can also use duck, geese, and reptile eggs! 

Note: The Turbo Fan will convert any Still Air Incubator into a circulating Air Incubator  which increases the hatching rate to over 90%.  Call for pricing.  

Miller-Solid State Still Incubator

Item #9200

This incubator holds 42 chicken eggs or 120 quail eggs.  You can also use duck, geese, and reptile eggs.   


Chick Feeder

Pine Shavings


Starter Feed

Brooder Lamp

Egg Candler and Tester

Automatic Egg Turner

Interchangeable egg trays for large and small eggs.

Automatic egg turners turn the eggs continuously throughout the day. 

Books & Posters

Eggs & Chicks Book

This non-fiction children's book has two reading levels, with a simple sentence on each page for beginners, and more complex information for more confident readers.

Chicks & Chickens Book

This hardcover book takes a look at how chicken eggs are developed for human consumption and at how fertilized eggs develop into embryos and finally into fuzzy little baby chicks. The behavior of chicks, hens, and roosters is discussed, and descriptions of the different breeds of chickens across America are provided. 

Educational Posters

We offer educational posters describing chick development as well as posters displaying the various kinds of chickens. 

Egg and Embryo Hatching Times


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