Call 714-639-7932 or 714-639-7931 to make an appointment

Walk ins welcome before 11am

Owners called immediately when pet is done

Cat grooming services available on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

Dogs and Guinea Pig grooming services available Monday through Saturday

BATH includes warm bath, blow dry, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, brush out, and sanitary clip (if desired).  Bath prices start at $35 for smaller dogs (Chihuahua, terrier, Pomeranian, etc) and go up from there based on size and breed.

HAIRCUTS start at $49 and increases depending on size and type of hair.

For large dogs like Golden Retriever and Labs, haircuts are around $75+.


Dremil Nails: $16

Furminator Brush: $12

Brush Teeth: $7.50

Flea Dip: $3 - $6

Just Nail Trim: $16

We carry several different types of shampoo for all your dogs needs.

Dr. Hypo, Dr. Aloe, Oatmeal, Bad Hair Day, Bluing/Brightening, and All-Purpose.

We also carry a medicated Chlorhexidine shampoo. It is an extra $5 fee.

You are also more than welcome to bring your own for us to use.

Grooming for Dogs, Cats, and Guinea Pigs



Jhenya is excellent at doing breed specific cuts (Springer, Westie, Schnauzer, etc) as well as all other breeds big and small. She has an excellent eye for detail and really works well with the pets. She also

is the only groomer that works on cats during the week only.

Works Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,

Friday, Saturday.