Chick Time


Make your science project more exciting and interesting this year. 

We have incubators and fertile eggs for hatching. 

Nothing is more exciting than putting eggs in an incubator - candling them, turning them daily, then watching the baby chicks peck their way into the world!

Call us today to rent or buy your incubator, supplies, and eggs


GQF - Genius by Hova-bator
Item #1602N
Not available for rent. 
Just plug it in and its ready to start.  
Circulated turbo fan included.  
No adjusting the thermostat. 
Large plastic window for viewing.  
Holds chicken 42 eggs.

GQF - Still Air Picture Window 
Item #1582
Top has clear plastic window for 
best viewing of the incubating 
and hatching process.  
Holds chicken 42 eggs, 
or 120 quail eggs.  
Also does duck and geese 
and reptile eggs! 
Note: TURBO FAN will convert any Still Air Incubator into a Circulating Air Incubator which increases the hatching rate to over 90%  Call for pricing.

Miller- Solid State 
Still Incubator
Item #9200
This incubator holds 42 chicken 
eggs or 120 quail eggs.  Also does  
duck and geese and reptile eggs.

Chick Feeder 
Galvanized steel feeders last 
forever and are easy to keep clean. 

These are high quality poultry waterers.  
Their plastic jar and plastic base screw 
together for less spillage. 

Starter Feed
Starter Feed and Lay Mesh are 
needed to insure a healthy diet 
for your baby chicks and chickens.  

Chick Brooder Light
Removeable face plate converts 
to a clamp on brooder light for 
baby chicks.  Use a 95 watt bulb.  

Cool-Lite Egg Tester/Candler 
Convenient hand held egg tester 
weighs 5 ounces.  Easy to move 
over eggs and has a safety soft 
end to prevent egg damage.   
Effective 6 watt concentrated beam. 
5 foot power cord. 

Egg Candler & Chick Brooder Light 
New Design Candler and Brooder Light 
features polished aluminum reflector, 
snap switch and clamp-on feature adds 
to the candlers versatility.  Removable 
face plate converts candler to a clamp 
on light for baby chicks brooder box.  
Use 95 watt bulb.
Books & Posters

Chicks & Chickens
Educational story about raising baby 
chicks.  Easy to read and very 
informative for all ages.  

We offer several posters.  One poster 
exhibits the growth of an embryo inside 
an egg.  We also have posters showing 
the many varieties of chickens and ducks.
Egg & Embryo Pricing

Chicken Eggs - call for pricing 
Hatching Days: 21

Duck Eggs - call for pricing 
Hatching Days: 28-32

Quail Eggs - call for pricing 
Hatching Days: 18

Chicken Embryos - call for pricing
Hatching Days: 7

Duck Embryos - call for pricing 
Hatching Days: 14

(Embryo: eggs are 14 days incubated before they are picked up, so chickens have 7 days left and ducks have 14 days left.)
Plastic Egg Turners

Has interchangeable egg trays 
for large and small eggs.  
It turns the eggs continuously 
throughout the day.
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