what we offer

Regular kennel (for one or two small dogs, or medium to large dog) is $23.00. 

Large Kennels (for two or more small dogs, or 2 large dogs or if you just want     more space) is $26.00.

Please make sure to indicate when wanting a large kennel and book in advance as we have more regular sized kennels than large kennels.  Holiday times are especially busy.

“Day 1” begins the day the pet is brought (time does not matter)

Please pick up your pet before 11:30am to avoid being charged another full day. Pets getting groomed on pickup day do not need to be picked up by 11:30am.

Boarding includes four walks a day. Food must be provided by owner (in marked container please.)

Any toys, bedding, bowls, etc is gladly welcomed but we are not responsible if lost or damaged.

We will gladly administer medicine if needed - please have instructions written out clearly.